Brixton Edition

Brixton Edition



These limited editions were designed to celebrate the advent of the 345. 

We partnered with London artist Catalina Velásquez to create designs that reflect the creativity and vibrancy of NewGen's London base. 

Catalina played with linearity & repetition and gradients & movement. These were translated through colour, texture and shapes to add  extra layers of detail for those who want a one of a kind bike. 


    Motor: 250-Watt 

    Battery: 36V 16ah -  Battery slides out for charging

    Throttle: Yes (Included as standard)

    Range: 40-50 miles*

    Pedal Assist: 5 Levels

    Tires: 20" x 4" Slick

    Sensor: Cadence Sensor

    Brakes: Magura MT4e  2-piston caliper 180mm rotors

    Drivetrain: SRAM  / SRIDE 8 Speed (or similar)

    Suspension: Front fork with lockout for improved riding efficiency

    Lights: Integrated front and rear lights


    Note: This bike is only permitted to be used off road or on private land in the UK and EU. 

    *Range depends on conditions such as rider weight, terrain and incline.


    Brakes: Magura MT4e 2-piston caliper 180mm rotors

    Sensor: Cadence Sensor

    Display: Stealth minimul display 

    Lights: Integrated front utility and rear running light 

    Frame: Aluminium

    Pedals: Wellgo Full alloy pedal set

    Maximum Payload: 120 kgs

    Weight: 31 kgs Including battery

    Seat height: 81cm


    Voltage: 36V 16ah

    Down time: 5 hours recharge with 3A charger

    Convenience: The battery slides out from under the seat for charging away from the bike and locks back in place. 2 x Keys

    Charge Level: 4 level indicator on the battery case

    Share the juice: In built USB Port

    Protection: High Current (40A) BMS to protect from overcharge and over discharge

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